Whitney Wolfe: basics – if I had to start from scratch

She revolutionized the way we look for a partner. In 2012 Whitney Wolfe founded the dating app Tinder and in 2014 she launched the dating app Bumble. The concept of her newest baby is similar: you drag if you want to reject a suggested profile of a potential partner, you swipe to the left or you swipe to the right to like the profile. Just like in Tinder. The difference in Bumble is that it’s the woman who has to initiate a chat (unlike Tinder, for which men have complained that there’s too little interaction from women), and they even have a 24 hour timespan to act after the so called “match” is established, otherwise the match disappears. So, this app puts us women in a position of power, the text editor explained to me during our meeting in Munich. She believes that “it’s no longer appropriate for our time for a woman to wait on a man to make the first move.”

27 years young and wildly successful. According to Business Insider upon stepping down from Tinder, Wolfe received a settlement of over $1 million. Time.com has placed the value of Bumble at $500 million>>>. So, the next question is if you are an app founder from Texas who can afford haute couture, what is the style of your choice? When I met her at the hotel, she wore an Alhambra necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels over a cashmere pullover and flat Chanel boots. At dinner she wore her Alhambra dangly earrings without a necklace. Wolfe chooses to wear high quality, highly selective classic pieces that are not loud. Would she buy these pieces of jewellery again if they were to suddenly disappear? “Oh God, I don’t even want to think about the possibility of that happening!”

What pieces would Wolfe buy again, if she suddenly had none of them? (needless to say, I also had to ask for the best tips for a smart dating profile of course, see bottom of the post)

Whitney Wolfe’s fashion and beauty basics

1. The makeup

I usually don’t wear makeup, I don’t have time for that. But I do use a tinted moisturiser every day with SPF 40 (Perfect BB Cream by 3Lab). If I want to have a little hint of makeup, I use a brown mascara by Chanel. It brightens up my eyes without creating too strong an effect.

Chanel Mascara Modepilot braun Wimperntusche tipp blond helle Augen

mascara by Chanel, color: “brun”

2. The pullover

I wear tight, thin cashmere pullovers most of the time, because they go with everything and can be dressed up or down. I would reorder three pieces from Crimson (Paris store): one in cream, one in black and one in dark green or marine blue.

Whitney Wolfe Bumble Modepilot

founder and CEO at Bumble: Whitney Wolfe

3. The skincare

Cleansing gel and facial cream by Dr. Lancer and I also visit him for treatments (referring to celebrity dermatologist and Hollywood’s secret skincare weapon – Kim Kardashian swears by him).

4. The shoes

A pair of flat leather boots in black by Chanel for cold nights in Texas or when on the go. Also a pair of black BB pumps by Manolo Blahnik, probably suede. These are a classic, last forever and bring me to the right height (as I’m quite small).

Manolo Blahnik BB Pump Modepilot

classic: „BB Pump” by Manolo Blahnik in black

5. The bag

I would buy another Kelly by Hermès, but in another colour this time. The one I have is too much of an American cliché (her current grey bag lies on the couch). Recently my fiancé didn’t like it when he saw me with this bag “are you picking up the kids from football practice?” If I treat myself to another one, it will be black with silver hardware.

6. The sportswear

Light Up Nikes and leggings by Nike or Lululemon (I also wear these on the plane or at home), and a Bumble T-shirt – I can just take this from the office.

7. The jeans

I would rebuy a pair of jeans by Frame, because they fit me the best. To be honest, I live in these. When I work, I always wear jeans, and T-shirts or sweatshirts.

8. The dress

There are very few dresses that work well in front of the camera. But I would say I can rely on the cut of Victoria Beckham’s dresses. I always take a black one with me when I travel for evening events or spontaneous business meetings.

9. The underwear

Briefs by Hanky Panky in different colours. These are great and super comfortable. Can you get them in Germany? (indeed, we can order online via Net-a-porter.com or Yoox.com – see gallery:)

10. The jacket

My reversible jacket by Loro Piana, which I use on cold days and business trips to NYC. This jacket is a saviour and makes a decent outfit in case of a wardrobe emergency.

Jacke Loro Piana Modepilot Tipp wenden hell beige

reversible shearling-jacket by Loro Piana, via loropiana.com


Whitney’s tips for the perfect dating profile

Question to Whitney Wolfe: Can you help me set up my Bumble profile?

The right images

Whitney: “What’s important is that the photos correspond to your lifestyle and show a broad range of it. So, in your case, a photo with red lipstick, one where you look natural, one with a sincere smile, a sporty one, another where your figure is visible, one with your family or friends etc.”

The appropriate text

Whitney dictates and I write: “The Bumble girls made this bio for me. If you are lucky, I’ll give you a chance to tell me what you think of it ;-)”

With the profile that the “Bumble girls” created for me I instantly got a match – with a male model. “Oh, he is handsome,” she yelled across the restaurant and swiped the match to the next step. She shared with me what she would write in the message: “I’m here together with the Bumble ladies and they are so happy that such a handsome guy like you is on Bumble.” Christoph: “Thank you Bumble ladies… do you get together for tea and decide who makes it to the next round??? Glad to be added…” Me: “Thank you darling, you’re welcome – from the Bumble girls!” At this point we had had a couple of glasses of wine already. Christoph: “Are you the only one of them who speaks German? Ok… when would you like to meet?”

Motto: „Keepin’ it real!”

translation: Maria Delta

Photo By: Bumble, Chanel

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