​Genius or bizarre? The inside-out jeans by Unravel Project

Denim lovers have the brand already on their radar: Unravel Project is quite a young brand from Los Angeles, that simply has the whole industry talking. Behind the brand are designers Ben Taverniti and his partner Joyce Bonelli. The new label has turned the urban streetwear scene upside down and follows in the footsteps of Martin Margiela, an aspect quite intriguing in itself.

The latest cult object of desire by Unravel Project is their inside-out jeans, already available to order on cool online shops like Farfetch, which sure enough we should expect to see sported among streetstyle stars. This is what the pair looks like:


The cult jeans by Unravel Project with quite a price tag: 688 Euro


Genius or bizarre?

This is a good question indeed. Let’s see how we can wear this piece and maybe it will help make up our mind.

The truth is the more I look at them the better I find them. In the last years we are so used to so many jean trends and from time to time we even get tricked into adopting the weirdest of outfits. As they often say, you only need to look at a strange trend long enough to start liking it in the end. I remember how widespread the “ripped knee look” was and still is (read article here >>>). Or the ultra frayed jeans by Marques’Almeida (click), not to say anything about the eccentric demi-denim layered jeans combo by Ksenia Schnaider (click click!). Incidentally, all these different jeans come of course in their trickle-down version by Zara, Mango and the like (click and buy!). Since these pieces have made their appearance, we might as well try wearing our jeans inside out. In any case, it would be a capture-worthy image for streetstyle photographers.

Unravel Project, the story

Who comes up with such an idea? Let’s dig into the concept behind the jeans. Ben Taverniti, born in Toulouse, France, dropped out of high-school at the age of 16. He finally found himself in his element when he got accepted to a fashion school. No wonder, since his father had also been active in the industry. Although his mother didn’t approve of his career choice, he had made up his mind, there was no going back. It’s the end of the 90s and his idols such as Helmut Lang, Martin Margiela, Rick Owens and later Raf Simmons, reflect the vibe of his time. Following in the tracks of their aesthetics, Ben creates his own label, alone. His bedroom becomes his studio and he puts all his savings in his brand. He doesn’t want to compromise, he doesn’t follow trends or seasons. His goal is to be free to design and to do so based on his own ideas without restrictions. He washes and destroys a piece until it meets his expectations. Consequently, each piece he creates becomes a unique and unrepeated original (hence the high prices).

Soon after, he meets make-up artist Joyce Bonelli (she does Kim Kardashian’s makeup), who introduces him to ways of using social networks to showcase his work and how to perfect staging fashion. First they become a team, then lovers (and today they have twins together). Joyce sees to it that Kendall Jenner wears his sweatshirts, then that image goes on Instagram… Do we need to say more? No we don’t. The brand has been growing at an incredible speed ever since and suddenly Ben’s idols have become his friends. A true modern-day fashion fairytale.

Read more about Ben Taverniti in his Interview with Barneys.

If you’re wondering where you can find this piece worn by the Kardashians and their clique, here are our shopping links:

translation by: Maria Delta

Photo By: via Farfetch

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