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This is what we think of your swimsuits, boys!

Should they be tight swim briefs or better a casual pair of swim shorts? Solid colours or turtle pattern? When it comes to choosing the right type of swimwear, men often get stuck. Check out our female contributions on this topic.

​Genius or bizarre? The inside-out jeans by Unravel Project

Wearing your jeans inside out is the next big thing. It-brand Unravel Project dresses clients (the Kardashians) like that.

Peter Lindbergh: “The beginning of the end of photography”

Der Fotograf erzählt zur Ausstellungseröffnung “From fashion to reality” warum Selfies dumm sind und warum ein gutes Bild Storytelling braucht.

My statement on statement sleeves

How easy are statement sleeves to pull off? Literally, this is the ultimate question you need to ask yourself when it comes to deciding to sport a top with voluminous, artfully pleated sleeves.

Street style: the Germans

Whom do I know, who wears what trend and what designer look? Truth be told, my favourite guessing game is “who has been offered what designer piece?”

Whitney Wolfe: basics – if I had to start from scratch

Whitney Wolfe talks exclusively about her favorite fashion & beauty products and sets up Kathrin’s Bumble profile – and there is a match!

Justin Leone: basics – if I had to start from scratch

He is probably the best dressed sommelier the world has ever seen… with the most colorful suits: Justin Leone from Michelin Star restaurant Tantris.

He said, she said – what men think about these dresses

What men think about off shoulder dresses: We asked our male friends about our favorite dresses. Look what they have answered!

Why we love to hate

We follow strange people on Instagram just to feel better about ourselves. That’s the truth, isn’t it?

Summer things, you do (not) need to buy

Wait! Not every trend is worth buying it. Never. We tell yoh why – summer stuff you need to to buy.