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My statement on statement sleeves

How easy are statement sleeves to pull off? Literally, this is the ultimate question you need to ask yourself when it comes to deciding to sport a top with voluminous, artfully pleated sleeves.

Summer things, you do (not) need to buy

Wait! Not every trend is worth buying it. Never. We tell yoh why – summer stuff you need to to buy.

Summer trend: Statement Sleeves

This summer 2016 trend is big. Literally: gigot sleeves, puffy sleeves, oversized ruffles … The maxi-sleeve is in its prime time this season.

Summer 2016 Color Trends

This season, fashion appears more reconciled with the colors of our childhood – unpopular until recently – and for that we have to thank Alessandro Michele.

Fashion experts on Summer 2016 trends

Fashion experts on summer 2016 trends – we asked Editor-in-Chiefs and Fashion Directors of the biggest fashion magazines. Enjoy!