My statement on statement sleeves

How easy are statement sleeves to pull off? Literally, this is the ultimate question you need to ask yourself when it comes to deciding to sport a top with voluminous, artfully pleated sleeves. Eventually, you will need to wear something on top, e.g. a trench coat or a denim jacket, and that one will most likely have normal size sleeves. And here comes the problem.

We seem to have happily packed our wardrobes with the latest trend but with the current 20 C degree “summer” weather, we somehow have to make those lovely things fit underneath a jacket. You would think one blouse is enough for the day but those predictable summer days seem to be over. In Germany, at least. Of course we forgot all about that while possessed by the latest Zara shopping frenzy. The options are two and both frustrating: we either have to resign to freezing ourselves in the morning or whatever hour of the day when in the shade, or otherwise put a jacket on and have the sleeves creased and miserable-looking!

The second reason why I’m convinced statement sleeves will go out of style next year is that they are not only a problem outdoors but at home too. Have you are tried to press these darn things? Not fun. Unless retailers figure out a way of sending you the sleeve-matching jacket that goes with your top, I bet they will become passé before you know it.



translation by Maria Delta

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